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Rain Gardens Australia has undertaken many projects. These are just an example of the variety of projects we have delivered for clients.
Services Provided: Design and Construct for Dandenong Council

We were able to design and construct two streetscape rain gardens for a very limited Council budget. The rain gardens are in a busy street off a major road and near a highly used strip shopping precinct.

Services Provided: Design and Construct for an extension

The client was renovating and extending their house in an inner city suburb. They wished to do the right thing by the environment and engaged Rain Gardens Australia to design and construct a rain garden. This was a challenge given the very tight constraints in available space.

Services Provided: Construction for Shire of Yarra Ranges

This project was part of a suite of projects to improve water quality in the Little Stringybark Creek which flows into the Yarra River.

The project comprised:

  • Harvesting stormwater from 2 existing run-off channels
  • Diverting the water into storage tanks (700kl)
  • Filtration and ultraviolet (UV) treatment of water for irrigation
  • Infiltration swales
  • Low flow bypasses

Services Provided: Design of integrated drainage system for a dual occupancy development which incorporated two rain gardens.

This was an exciting project as it was the first time that Frankston Council had seen the use of rain gardens as part of a residential drainage system. Our Client wanted a simple, low cost, low maintenance system that met WSUD requirements stipulated on the planning permit. Our integrative design met a number of the planning requirements for drainage, WSUD and landscaping.

Services Provided: Design of drainage system including cascading rain gardens

Our client wanted a cost effective environmental solution to drainage from an existing commercial site that was to be further developed. We designed a number of cascading rain gardens that were to discharge into a grassed channel. Council was keen to have WSUD included in the site development.

Rain Gardens Australia were engaged to investigate a flooding issue.

The property involved was a residential development in the suburb of Prahran in Melbourne. Significant damage to a number of luxury cars had occurred in the basement car park during a large storm event and the client wanted to understand their future options for ‘flood proofing’ the basement car park. We undertook a thorough investigation and prepared a report with recommendations for the client.

Our construction expertise of rain gardens was sought for a project in Ultimo, Sydney.

We were able to meet on site and discuss construction techniques. We also provided hands on support for construction activities.

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