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We design, construct and offer advice on stormwater harvesting and treatment solutions. Stormwater after a large rainfall event, has a lot of contaminants in it that can damage our waterways. By treating the stormwater we directly protect these waterways from further pollution. There are numerous treatment processes which may include rain gardens, infiltration measures, mechanical filtration and Ultra Violet to name a few. We can offer advice about solutions for your project, design it, and construct it. Find out more about our services from the tabs below.

Drawing on our years of extensive experience, we can provide professional advice on many and varied aspects regarding stormwater. Anything that impacts on your property, development, business, or construction, from a stormwater related perspective, we can give practical advice based on our hands on experience.
Our experience encompasses a broad range of projects that have supported councils, developers and those needing general advice on stormwater drainage issues and construction techniques. Together Pat and Madeline have over 50 years’ experience to draw on. Their experience includes finding solutions to fit within all project constraints such as budget, difficult sites (space, grade etc) and can offer practical advice on physical aspects.
We like to think of ourselves as an environmental contractor. We understand environmental objectives that stormwater construction projects need to achieve. This applies equally to small and large scale construction projects. Rain Gardens Australia has practical construction experience from small residential rain gardens through to large stormwater harvesting projects. We can also incorporate the landscaping construction in the one overall package.

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